Exchange with England 2014

From the 11th to the 18th of January, the 1ère L English speciality class went to Milton Keynes, England. There, they did a work experience and lived with a host family. Loan, Maxime, the education assistant who is also a professional photographer came to support them.

After a long and funny journey, we discovered our penfriends. The first impression was quite positive for everyone. The next day, was much more challenging, since we had to discover a completely new environment. Indeed, it was the beginning of our work experience adventure : new faces, new culture, new food, new friends…
Some of us were in primary schools, others were language assistants or working in shops.
The language and cultural immersion and the discovery of a professional field was definitely an enriching experience.
On the saturday, we all went to London before going back to our French life. What an experience, we will not forget it !

The English penfriends came back in Caen in March and did a work experience too. We showed them our exhibition with Maxime’s pictures.

Some of us might go back to England during the summer.

The students from the 1L English speciality class.