World Wide Data Day : la section euro participe à un évènement international

Le world Wide Data Day est un évènement international durant lequel des élèves du monde entier peuvent travailler sur des données réelles de l’accélérateur de particules LHC (Genèves) et les partager avec des chercheurs du CERN lors d’une visioconférence.
Les élèves de la section Européenne CLELab vous racontent leur expérience :
" On Tuesday, November 14th, it was the World Wide Data Day and the CLELab participated for the second time. The World Wide Data Day is a mondial sharing of informations on Internet. It is like a meeting in which scientists and schools meet. The goal is to measure angles of elementary particles and to share knowledge with scientists. The WWDD is organized by Quarknet.

First, the Atlas experiment of Geneva from the CERN sent us pictures of dimuons’ collisions. Dimuons are composed of muons and antimuons. We worked in pairs on measurements of the angles teta and phi.
On Tuesday, we did a video conference with Kenneth Cecire and Stéphanie Morgenstern and a school from Indiana in the USA. We showed them our results to discuss about it. Cédric did a graph who was almost the same as the other school. This video conference was an opportunity to discuss with scientists and to be a part of a scientific experiment. Even though we didn’t understand everything, to us it’s a chance to participate to an event like this one. We know that even if it’s hard physics in English we will do a feedback of it together and we’ll share information to undersand the maximum.
It’s when we participate to event like this that we know why we are doing the CLElab European section ! "

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