The English speciality class and its projects

We are students who are part of the 1L English speciality class. It is like a classic English class but with less people and funnier activities. Our teacher is Loan.

This year, we have a diversified program which could be defined with the word « experience ». Our program is composed of four notions : « myths and heroes », « spaces and exchanges », « places and forms of power » and « idea of progress ».We have different projects during the year.
First we are preparing the Cabaret evening show which will be in December. Our school organizes this show and we will present these four notions on stage thanks to four different songs we have chosen. We are understanding that learning English is not only listening to a teacher in a class, but also practising the English language through different projects like discovering what singing in front of a public is.
Also, we are getting ready for a trip, a necessary project if we want to practice our English in real situations. We will stay a week in our penfriends’ family in January. The aim of this trip is also to have a work experience. We already did training sessions in France but doing it abroad is much more challenging.
What’s more, we will take part in the debating societies at the end of the year. It is a challenge in which we will discuss topics with other students of the academy. It is a good opportunity to exchange with other students of our age.
Finally, throughout the year we have to lead classes for the 1L English class, which is not easy but makes us experience how hard it is to be a teacher !!!
Thus our year will be full of discoveries : singing, working and travelling. The ambiance in our class is great ; we have to say that because we think it is important to have a good group.

The English specialty class girl team (Manon, Alice, Julie, Jade, Emma, Roxane)